exhibition history

  • The following is offered not as a complete list of exhibitions by Marcel Duchamp, but as a comprehensive selection intended to give a survey of his activities and the way his work came to be known. Invaluable sources for a complete listing are the publications by Francis M. Naumann and Hector Obalk and Timothy Shipe for Arturo Schwarz.
  • Francis M. Naumann and Hector Obalk (eds.)
    Affectionately, Marcel. The selected correspondence of Marcel Duchamp / translation by Jill Taylor (Ludion Press : Ghent 2000). A list of exhibitions and the exhibited works (1912-1968), based on Ephemerides by Jennifer Cough-Cooper and Jacques Caumont, published in Pontus Hultén (ed.), Marcel Duchamp. Work and Life (Venice 1993). The survey gives titles of works as they appear in the catalogue or price list of the exhibitions.
  • Timothy Shipe
    'Exhibition history', in Arturo Schwarz (ed.), The complete works of Marcel Duchamp. 3rd rev. and expanded paperback ed. (New York 2000) 949-954. The first part documents solo exhibitions (1937-1994), the second part records group exhibitions in which Duchamp participated during his lifetime (after 1968 only very slective).
  • Poster Armory Show 1913 1913 Armory Show
    'The International Exhibition of Modern Art' [The Armory Show], from February 17th to March 15th, 1913, 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue, New York NY. More on the virtual Armory Show.
    • [catalogue] Catalogue of International exhibition of modern art. Association of American Painters and Sculptors. At the Armory of the Sixty-Ninth Infantry, Lexington Avenue, Twenty-Fifth and Twenty-Sixth Streets, New York, from February Fifteenth to March Fifteenth, Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen from ten a.m. to ten p.m. (Sundays included) (Vreeland Advertising Press : New York 1913) 97, [7] p. + 1 plan.
  • 1920 Société Anonyme, Inc. Gallery New York
    The first exhibition of the Société Anonyme, Inc., opened on April 30, 1920 (through June 15,1920), at the Société Anonyme Gallery (East 47th Street, New York City). The works shown at the exhibition established the stylistically democratic and international tenor of the group’s curatorial enterprise for the next thirty years. In contrast to the nonjuried breadth of the Society of independent Artists exhibition that brought Dreier and Duchamp together on its planning board in 1916, the Société Anonyme’s first exhibition included artists who they believed exemplified modernist zeal and creative vision. [Based on Jennifer Gross, 'About the Société Anonyme' on the site of the Hammer Museum at UCLA.]
    • [reading] William Clark, 'Katherine Dreier and the Société Anonyme', in Variant issue 14 (Winter 2001) 4-7.
  • Cover catalogus Brooklyn 1926 1926 Brooklyn Museum
    Katherine Dreier and Duchamp presented 'An International Exhibition of Modern Art Assembled by the Société Anonyme' with more than 300 works by 106 artists from 23 countries. Opened on November 18, the Brooklyn exhibition attracted over 52,000 visitors in seven weeks. Dreier organized the show with advice from a wide and impressive team of consultants, among them Duchamp, Leger, Kandinsky, Campendonk, Schwitters, Stieglitz and Anton Giulio Bragaglia. A highly important collaborator was Herwarth Walden of Berlin's Der Sturm Gallery, who was one of Dreier's longtime mentors. It was the largest display of Modern art in America since the 1913 Armory Show (November 19, 1926-January 1, 1927). The exhibition traveled to three additional venues. [Based on Jennifer Gross, 'About the Société Anonyme' on the site of the Hammer Museum at UCLA.]
    • [catalogue] Catalogue of an international exhibition of modern art. November 19, 1926, to January 1, 1927 / assembled by the Société Anonyme; text by Katherine S. Dreier; composed by Katherine S. Dreier and Constantin Aladjalov (Brooklyn Museum Press : Brooklyn NY 1926).
    • [reading] Ruth L. Bohan, The Société Anonyme's Brooklyn Exhibition. Katherine Dreier and Modernism in America (UMI Research Press : Ann Arbor 1982).
  • 1936 Museum of Modern Art New York
    'Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism', curated by Alfred H. Barr; 11 works by Marcel Duchamp (December 7, 1936-January 17, 1937).
    • [guide] A Brief guide to the exhibition of fantastic art, Dada, Surrealism (S.n. : s.l. 1936?).
    • [catalogue] Alfred H. Barr (ed.), Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism (The Museum of Modern Art : New York 1936). Brief chronology by Elodie Courter and A.H.B., jr. Brief bibliography (p. 243-246). Nrs. 216-225e were by Marcel Duchamp.
      A second revised and enlarged edition was published in 1937 with essays by Georges Hugnet ('Dada' and 'In the light of surrealism'). A third edition was published in 1947 by the Museum of Modern Art and distributed by Simon and Schuster. This edition was published with chronology and bibliography, but omitting catalogue. The 3rd edition was reprinted in 1968 by Arno Press (identical data but converts color into black & white).
    • See also Dada at MoMA. The varied positioning of Dada at the Museum over the years is revealed through significant acquisitions and installations as documented in unique archival material, including floor plans, installation photographs, checklists, and oral-history commentary. Coinciding with the launch of the Museum’s landmark publication Dada in the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art, this exhibition provides an overview of MoMA’s long and rich history of collecting, documenting, interpreting, and exhibiting Dada works.
  • 1937 Arts Club of Chicago
    Exhibition of Paintings by Marcel Duchamp, February 5–27, 1937. First one-man show held at Arts Club of Chicago.
    • [catalogue] Exhibition of Paintings by Marcel Duchamp (Chicago Arts Club : Chicago 1937).
  • 1945 Yale University Art Gallery New Haven
    'Duchamp, Duchamp-Villon, Villon', March 1945.
    • [essay] George Heard Hamilton, 'Duchamp, Duchamp-Villon, Villon', in Bulletin of the Associates in Fine Arts at Yale University 13, no. 2 (March 1945) 1-7.
  • 1949 Chicago Art Institute
    '20th Century Art from the Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection', exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute; 30 works by Duchamp included (October 20-December 18, 1949).
    • [catalogue] 20th century art, from the Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection / essay by Katherine Kuh (Chicago Art Institute : Chicago, 1949).
    • [publication] James Thrall Soby, 'Marcel Duchamp in the Arensberg Collection', in View (March 1945).
  • poster Duchamp 1953 1953 Sidney Janis Gallery New York
    A New York exhibition 'Dada 1916-1923' at Sidney Janis Gallery (April 15-May 9, 1953) features works by Duchamp. The exhibition, assembled, cataloged and installed under the direction of Marcel Duchamp, includes twelve Duchamp pieces, and Duchamp produces the poster-catalogue for the exhibit, which is printed on tissue paper.
    • [catalogue] Dada 1916-1923 : Sidney Janis ... New York, April 15 to May 9, 1953 / texts by Tristan Tzara, Jean Arp, Richard Huelsenbeck and Jacques Levesque (Sidney Janis Gallery : New York 1953) 1 broadside; 97 x 63 cm.
    • [documentation] Carroll Janis, 'Marcel Duchamp Curates Dada', in Art in America Part 6 (June-July 2006) 152-155, 215 (ill.). The author recalls a legendary exhibition of international Dada a halfcentury ago, structured city by city, at his family's New York gallery.
  • 1952 Yale University Art Gallery New Haven
    'In Memory of Katherine S. Dreier, 1877-1952', 15 December 1952 - 1 February 1953.
    • [catalogue] In Memory of Katherine S. Dreier, 1877-1952 : Her Own Collection of Modem Art (Associates in Fine Arts at Yale University : New Haven 1952). Published as Bulletin of the Associates in Fine Arts at Yale University 20 (December 1952) 1 [online].
  • 1954 Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Opening of a permanent exhibition of the Walter and Louise Arensberg Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, wich received this bequest in 1950; 34 works by Duchamp included.
    • [catalogue] The Louise and Walter Arensberg Collection. Volume 1 20th Century Section (Philadelphia Museum of Art : Philadelphia 1954).
  • poster Duchamp 1960 1960 Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich
    'Dokumentation über Marcel Duchamp', Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich (June 30-August 28, 1960).
    • [catalogue] Dokumentation über Marcel Duchamp / Hans Fischli, Max Bill ('Zu Marcel Duchamp'), Marcel Duchamp, Serge Stauffer [biography] (Kunstgewerbemuseum : Zürich 1960).
  • poster SMA 1961 1961 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (March 10-April 17, 1961) and the Moderna Museet in Stockholm organize the exhibition 'Bewogen beweging' [Art in Motion] in which Duchamp participates, and replicas of some of his work are displayed.
    • [catalogue] Bewogen beweging / W.J.H.B. Sandberg, K.G. Hultén, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam : Amsterdam/Moderna Museet Stockholm : Stockholm 1961).
  • 1963 Galerie Burén
    Marcel Duchamp retrospective at Galerie Burén, Stockholm (April-May 1963).
    • [publication] Ulf Linde, Marcel Duchamp (Galerie Burén : Stockholm 1963).
  • poster Duchamp 1963 1963 Pasadena Art Museum
    First major retrospective 'By or of Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Sélavy', arranged by Walter Hopps at he Pasadena Art Museum (now Norton Simon Museum), Pasadena CA; 134 works by Duchamp (October 8-November 3, 1963).
    • [catalogue] Marcel Duchamp. Pasadena Art Museum. A Retrospective Exhibition, October 8 through November 3, 1963 / Preface Walter Hopps (Pasadena Art Museum : Pasadena CA 1963). The largest exhibition thus far on the artist's work, organized by Walter Hopps with Duchamp's close participation. Duchamp designed the cover of the catalogue and the poster of the show. Reproduces Lebel catalogue 'corrected' by Walter Hopps. Also his preface and chronology.
  • poster Armory 1963 1963 Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute
    The Armory Show of 1913 is restaged at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, New York. Duchamp is on the loans committee, designs the poster for the exhibition, and delivers a lecture. Authorized replicas of Duchamp's work, signed and dated, are produced by Ulf Linde in Stockholm (April 6-28, 1963).
  • 1964 Galeria Arturo Schwarz
    'Omaggio a Marcel Duchamp', Galeria Arturo Schwarz, Milan (June 5-September 30, 1964). The exhibition travelled to the Kunsthalle Bern (23 October-29 November 1964), Gimpel Fils, London (December 1964-January 1965), Haags Gemeentemuseum, The Hague (3 February-15 March 1965), Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (20 March-3 May 1965), Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld (6 June-1 August 1965) and the Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover (7 September-28 September 1965). First major retrospective on readymades. 108 works were shown.
  • On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the readymade Galeria Schwarz offered in collaboration with Marcel Duchamp a signed and numbered (1/8-8/8) edition of 13 readymades [see Duchamps' readymades].
  • 1965 Cordier and Eckstrom Gallery
    'Not Seen and/or Less Seen of/by Marcel Duchamp/Rrose Selavy, 1904-64. Mary Sisler Collection', Cordier and Eckstrom Gallery, New York; 90 items by Duchamp on display (January 14-February 13, 1965). The exhibition travelled to the Milwaukee Art Center (September 9-October 3, 1965) and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (Opening October 18, 1965).
    • [catalogue] Not Seen and/or Less Seen of/by Marcel Duchamp/Rrose Selavy, 1904-64. Mary Sisler Collection / Catalog designed by Marc Ratliff, foreword and catalog texts by Richard Hamilton (Cordier & Ekstrom : New York [1964]).
    • listenOn the site of the Walker Art Center you can listen to the Marcel Duchamp Press Luncheon at the opening on October 18, 1965. Participants include: Marcel and Teeny Duchamp, Martin Friedman, Don Morrison (Minneapolis Star), John K. Sherman (Minneapolis Tribune), Al McConagha (Minneapolis Tribune), Barabara Flanagan (Minneapolis Star), Will Jones (Minneapolis Tribune).
  • 1966 Tate Gallery London
    'The Almost Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp', Tate Gallery London and sponsored by the Arts Council (18 June-31 July 1966). 242 items and the Richard Hamilton replica of the Large Glass are on display at this first major retrospective of Duchamp's works in Europe.
    • [catalogue] Richard Hamilton (comp.), The almost complete works of Marcel Duchamp (Arts Council of Great Britain : London 1966).
  • poster Givaudan 1967 1967 Galerie Givaudan
    'Editions de et sur Marcel Duchamp' (8 June-30 September 1967).
    • listenListen also to the interview with Marcel Duchamp by Philippe Collin held June 21, during the exhibition at Galerie Claude Givaudan. Duchamp discusses the importance for and the place of the ready-made in his work.
  • 1967 City of Auckland Art Gallery
    'Marcel Duchamp : the Mary Sisler Collection, 78 works 1904-1963', sponsored by the Queen Elizabeth SecondArts Council of NewZealand (April 1967). An exhibition which toured New Zealand of works from the private collection of New Yorker, Mary Sisler..
  • 1973 Philadelphia Museum of Art
    'Marcel Duchamp' retrospective exhibition held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (September 22-November 11, 1973). The exhibition travelled to The Museum of Modern Art, New York (December 3, 1973-February 10, 1974), and the Art Institute of Chicago (March 23-May 5, 1974).
    • [catalogue] Anne d'Harnoncourt and Kynaston McShine (eds.), Marcel Duchamp. A retrospective exhibition organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Museum of Modern Art, New York, made possible in part by a grant from the Natural Endowment for the Arts (Philadelphia Museum of Art : Philadelphia 1973). The catalogue was reprinted in 1989.
  • 1977 Centre Georges Pompidou
    'L'Oeuvre de Marcel Duchamp', curated by Jean Clair (February 2-May 2, 1977)
    • [catalogue] Jean Clair (éd.), L'oeuvre de Marcel Duchamp. Série des catalogues du Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, no 8 (Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou : Paris 1977). Contents: volume 1 'Biographie/Chronologie', volume 2 'Catalogue raisonné', volume 3 'Abécéclaire/Approches critiques', volume 4 'Victor roman d’H.P. Roché'.
  • 1984 Fundació Joan Miró Barcelona
    The exhibition travelled to the Fundación Caja de Pensiones in Madrid and the Museum Ludwig, Cologne (June 27-August 29, 1984).
    • [catalogue] G. Moure (ed.), Marcel Duchamp / [Catálogo con textos de E. Serra, I. de Sola Morales, A. d'Harnoncourt, ... et al.] (Fundació Joan Miró : Barcelona 1984).
  • 1991 Galerie Ronny van de Velde Antwerp
    • [catalogue] Marcel Duchamp (Ronny van de Velde : Antwerp 1991) Folio. Exhibition Catalog, loose objects in a wooden box. The box consists of the following items: a list of the exhibits, a portfolio with faithful reproductions of works by Duchamp, also including a copy of H. Vuibert, Les Anaglyphes geometriques (Librarie Vuibert : Paris 1912) (with 3D-glasses) and a reproduction of a page from The Blind Man No. 2 (P.B.T.); a book with articles on Duchamp by Andre Breton and Arturo Schwarz (inserted, on a separate sheet, a reproduction of Le Grand Verre); an audiocassette of Duchamp speaking; a single photograph of 'Marcel Duchamp at the Age of Eighty-Five' for View's special Marcel Duchamp number. All of these items are packed in a wooden box, the top and bottom of which being reproductions of Duchamp's 'mental' Chess Board. Edition limited to 850 numbered copies.
  • 1993 Palazzo Grassi Venice
    'Marcel Duchamp', organized by Pontus Hulten, Jennifer Gough-Cooper and Jacques Caumont; presented are about 250 separate items (April 3-July 16, 1993)
    • [catalogue] Pontus Hulten (ed.), Marcel Duchamp. Work and Life / texts by Jennifer Gough-Cooper and Jacques Caumont (MIT Press : Cambridge MA 1993). Most of the works included in the exhibition are reproduced in the catalogue. Like the exhibition, the catalogue is arranged thematically (rather than chronologically). It is designed as a double-faced publication: from one direction - titled Work - it presents most of the paintings, sculptures, drawings and related documentary materials that were included in the exhibition; from the other - titled Life - we are provided with a day-by-day account of events in the artist's life, over 3,600 separate entries organized in accordance with astrological signs. This section of the catalogue, titled 'Ephemerides on or about Marcel Duchamp and Rrose Selavy: 1887-1968', is derived from exhaustive research conducted over the course of the last 18 years by Jennifer Gough-Cooper and Jacques Caumont.
    • Reviewed by Craig Adcock for Art Journal (Summer 1994) and Francis M. Naumann for Art in America (September 1993).
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