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  • The International Online Bibliography of Dada is the online catalog of the International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa Libraries. The catalog includes materials in all formats that have been cataloged for the collection, including books, essays in books, periodical articles, manuscripts, sound and videorecordings, and other media related to the Dada movement and to the individual dadaists. These materials are located throughout the University of Iowa Libraries, but are primarily housed in the Main Library and the Art Library. Most of the manuscript holdings are on microfilms that were made in various public and private collections in Europe and North America in the early 1980s, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Jerome Foundation.
  • André Gervais
    [review article] 'Marcel Duchamp et la littérature' / translated by Kilborne, Sarah Skinner, in tout-fait. The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal Issue 3 (2000), 23 August 2008 [online]; available at <> [accessed 25 June 2013].
  • Bernard Karpel
    'Selected bibliography', in Pierre Cabane (ed.), Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp / translated from the French by Ron Padgett (Da Capo Press : New York 1987; 1971) 121-132.
  • Bernard Karpel
    'Bibliography', in Anne d'Harnoncourt and Kynaston McShine (eds.), Marcel Duchamp (Museum of Modern Art etc. : New York etc. 1973; repr. 1989) 327-341.
  • Sheldon Nodelman
    [review article] 'Unpacking Duchamp: Art in Transit', in Art in America (January 2000) 37-43 ff. More reviews of books on Duchamp in this number of Art in America.
  • Sheldon Nodelman
    [review article] 'Disguise and Display. Recent publications detail a long-neglected aspect of Marcel Duchamp's seminal oeuvre—installation design as a work of art', in Art in America (March 2003).
  • Timothy Shipe
    'Marcel Duchamp : A Selective Bibliography', in Dada/Surrealism 16 (1987): 231-265 [online]; available at <> [accessed 25 June 2013].
  • Timothy Shipe
    An exhibition list and updated bibliography [1969-1995] was published in the third edition of Arturo Schwarz's The Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp (Delano Greenidge Editions : New York NY 1997) 933-948. Bibliographical updates by Timothy Shipe, with the assistance of Kathryn M. Floyd, appear in the journal Etant donné Marcel Duchamp beginning with no. 5 (2003) 168-173.
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  • Jean Clair
    Marcel Duchamp. Catalogue raisonné / rédigé par Jean Clair [pour la rétrospective, 31 janvier-2 mai 1977, Musée national d'art moderne]. Série des catalogues du Musée national d'art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou ; no 8, tome 2 (Musée national d'art moderne, Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou : Paris, 1977).
  • André Gervais (ed.)
    'Liste des readymades de Marcel Duchamp (1913-1967)', in Etant donnés Marcel Duchamp no. 1 (1999).
  • Introduction to a series of articles listing the ready-mades by Marcel Duchamp. The series started with Dominique Chateau et Michel Vanpeene, 'Catalogue raisonné des readymades 1', in Etant donnés Marcel Duchamp no. 1 (1999); Michel Vanpeene, 'Petit catalogue raisonné des ready-mades II. Pharmacie', in Etant donnés Marcel Duchamp no. 3 (2001); Fabrice Lefaix, 'Catalogue raisonné des ready-mades III. Porte-bouteilles', Etant donnés Marcel Duchamp no. 5 (2003).
  • Robert Lebel
    Sur Marcel Duchamp / avec des textes de André Breton & H.P. Roché (Trianon : Paris 1959). Reprinted in 1996 by Editions du centre Pompidou/Mazzotta; added a unpublished letters and a booklet titled Marcel Duchamp et Robert Lebel. Includes catalogue raisonné (p. 155-176) and bibliographical references (p. 177-188).
  • Arturo Schwarz (ed.)
    The complete works of Marcel Duchamp / [edited by] Arturo Schwarz; with a catalogue raisonné, over 750 illustrations including 75 colour plates (Thames & Hudson : London 1969).
  • The complete works of Marcel Duchamp / Arturo Schwarz. 2d rev. ed. (H.N. Abrams : New York 1970).
  • The complete works of Marcel Duchamp / [edited by] Arturo Schwarz. 3rd rev. and expanded ed. (Delano Greenridge Editions : New York 1997) 2 vols. Includes bibliographical references (p. 923-948) and index. Critical review by Francis M. Naumann for Art in America (January 1998).
  • The complete works of Marcel Duchamp / by Arturo Schwarz. Rev. and expanded paperback edition (Delano Greenidge Editions : New York 2000). Includes bibliographic references (p. 923-954) and index.
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  • Amelia Gwen Jones
    The Fashion(ing) of Duchamp. Authorship, Gender, Postmodernism / Amelia Gwen Jones (University of California : Los Angeles 1991).
  • Christine Litz
    It is unsubstantial. Zur Textualität der Kunst im 20. Jahrhundert: Duchamp, Nauman, Horn / Christine Litz ((University Bochum 2002).
  • Janine A. Mileaf
    From 'Fountain' to Fetish. Duchamp, Man Ray, Breton and Objects, 1917-1936 / Janine A. Mileaf (University of Pennsylvania 1999).
  • Mark Borner Pohlad
    The Art of History: Marcel Duchamp and Posterity / Mark Borner Pohlad (University of Delaware 1994).
  • François Raymond
    Marcel Duchamp et le multiple dans l'art moderne / François Raymond (National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada : Ottawa [2001]). Thesis.
  • Jeffrey Steven Weiss
    The Popular Culture of Modern Art: Picasso, Duchamp and Avant-Gardism, c.1909-1917 / Jeffrey Steven Weiss (New York University 1991).
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  • Jacques Caumont et Jennifer Cough-Cooper
    Plan pour écrire une vie de Marcel Duchamp. Chronologie générale, les trente premières années (Musée national d'Art moderne : Paris 1977).
  • Jean Clair
    Sur Marcel Duchamp et la fin de l'art. Collection Art et Artistes (Gallimard : Paris 2000). Some excerpts of this book are online available: 'Duchamp at the Turn of the Centuries' (translated by Sarah Skinner Kilborne), in tout-fait. The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal Issue 3 (2000) and 'Femalic Molds' (translation by Taylor M. Stapleton), published in tout-fait. The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal Issue 5 (2003).
  • T.J. Demos
    The Exiles of Marcel Duchamp / T.J. Demos (MIT Press : Cambridge 2007)
    • [abstract] Demos connects Duchamp's condition of exile to forms of displacement within photographic practice and modern museum exhibitions, theorized extensively at the time by Walter Benjamin, André Malraux, and Frederick Kiesler. He claims that in the period of fascism's elevation of the home as the site of national imagination, Duchamp's antinational identity became a form of resistance, just as his artistic practice represented a complex response to capitalism's increasing institutionalization and marketing of art. Duchamp's exile, writes Demos, defines a new ethics of independent life in the modern age of nationalism and advanced capitalism, offering a precursor to our own globalized world of nomadic subjects and dispersed experience.
  • Linda Dalrymple Henderson
    Duchamp in Context. Science and Technology in the Large Glass and Related Works (Princeton University Press : Princeton 1998). Reviewed by Arthur C. Danto, 'The Bride & the Bottle Rack', for The Nation (August 30, 1999 issue) and Michael Mackenzie for Modernism-Modernity 7, no. 1 (20000 153-163. Reviews Linda Dalrymple Henderson's Duchamp in Context. Science and Technology in the Large Glass and Related Works (1998), David Joselit's Infinite Regress. Marcel Duchamp 1910-1941 (1998), Thierry de Duve's Kant after Duchamp (1996), and Marcel Duchamp (1999) by Dawn Ades, Neil Cox, and David Hopkins.
  • Judith Housez
    Marcel Duchamp. Essais Français Grasset (Grasset : Paris 2006).
  • David Joselit
    Infinite Regress. Marcel Duchamp, 1910-1941 (MIT Press : Cambridge MA, 1998) 252 p. : ill.; includes bibliographical references (p. 199-242). Reviewed by Janine Mileaf in Art Journal (Fall 2002) and by Sheldon Nodelman in Art in America (January 2000).
  • Dalia Judovitz
    Unpacking Duchamp. Art in Transit (University of California Press : Berkeley etc. 1995) [online]; available at <;brand=ucpress> [e-scholarship Editions].
  • Robert Lebel
    Sur Marcel Duchamp / avec des textes de André Breton & H.P. Roché (Trianon : Paris 1959). Original edition of 137 copies and 10 deluxe editions; variant trade editions: French (Trianon), English (Trianon), Italian (Schwarz), American (Grove Press : New York 1959) and two German editions (DuMont Schauberg : Köln 1962 and 1972). Reprinted in 1996 by Editions du Centre Pompidou/Mazzotta; added a unpublished letters and a booklet titled Marcel Duchamp et Robert Lebel. Includes catalogue raisonné (p. 155-176) and bibliographical references (p. 177-188).
  • Bernard Marcadé
    Marcel Duchamp. La vie à crédit. Grandes Biographies (Flammarion : Paris 2007).
  • Alice Goldfarb Marquis
    Marcel Duchamp = Eros, c'est la vie. A Biography (Whitston Pub. Co. : Troy NY 1981).
  • Alice Goldfarb Marquis
    Marcel Duchamp. The Bachelor Stripped Bare. A Biography (MFA Publications : Boston 2002).
  • Sherin Najjar
    Die unsichtbare Farbe. Der Gebrauch und die Funktion der Titel im frühen Werk Marcel Duchamps (Verlag und Datenbank für Geisteswissenschaften : Weimar 2008).
  • Gavin Parkinson
    The Duchamp Book (Tate Publishing : London 2008)
    • [abstract] The book begins with an accessible introduction to Duchamp's career, putting the reader on a secure footing for the arguments that follow. Duchamp's work is explored through key themes: the question of authorship and identity; the artist's preoccupation with eroticism; the twin poles of alchemy and science that have played such a part in interpretations of Duchamp; the uses of language of secrecy in his work; and the fundamental role of humour and play in his practice that has often confounded high-minded critics.
  • Jerrold Seigel
    The Private Worlds of Marcel Duchamp. Desire, Liberation, and the Self in Modern Culture (University of California Press : Berkely etc. 1997) [online]; available at <> [UC Press E-Books Collection, 1982-2004].
  • Theo Steiner
    Duchamps Experiment. Zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst (Wilhelm Fink : München 2006).
  • Calvin Tomkins
    Duchamp. A biography (Henry Holt : New York 1996).
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  • 3 articles in Artforum International 27 (October 1988) 112-127.
  • Avant Garde. Interdisciplinary and international review vol. 2 (Amsterdam 1989). Special issue 'Marcle Duchamp'.
  • Dada/Surrealism Nr. 16 (1987). Special Duchamp issue. Reprinted as Rudolf Kuenzli and Francis M. Naumann (eds.), Marcel Duchamp. Artist of the century (MIT Press : Cambridge MA 1989).
  • Étant données Marcel Duchamp No. 1 (2000) - current
  • October 70 (Fall 1994). The 13 articles in the volume were reprinted in Martha Buskirk and Mignon Nixon (eds.), The Duchamp effect (MIT Press : Cambridge MA 1996), with the exceptions of the essays by Sarat Maharaj and by Molly Nesbit and Naomi Sawelson-Gorse. T.J. Clark's reply to Benjamin Buchloh first appeared in October 71 (Winter 1995).
  • Tout-Fait The Marcel Duchamp Studies online Journal 1, no. 1 (1999) - perpetual.
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  • Dawn Ades, Neil Cox, and David Hopkins (eds.)
    Marcel Duchamp. World of art (Thames and Hudson : New York 1999). Includes bibliographical references (p. 215-217).
  • Thierry de Duve
    The definitively unfinished Marcel Duchamp / [texts by Eric Cameron, Francis M. Naumann, Jean Suquet, ... et al.] (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design : Halifax NS / MIT Press : Cambridge MA 1991). Reviewed by Jason Gaiger for Art History 20, no. 4 (1997) 611-616. This collection of essays reflects De Duve's sustained engagement with the art of Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) and his effort to come to terms with the legacy of Clement Greenberg's theory of modernism, particularly as it relates to the reception of Duchamp's work in the 1960's [Historical Abstracts].
  • Anthony Hill (ed.)
    Duchamp. Passim. A Marcel Duchamp Anthology (Gordon and Breach Arts International/International Publishers Distributor : Langhorne PA 1994).
  • Joseph Masheck (ed.)
    Marcel Duchamp in perspective. Writings on Duchamp by Jasper Johns, Donald Judd, Clement Greenberg, John Cage, Octavio Paz & others / (Prentice Hall : Englewood Cliffs 1975). Updated and a new introduction added in 2002 by Da Capo Press, Cambridge MA.
  • Craig Adcock
    'Duchamp's Eroticism : A Mathematical Analysis', in Dada/Surrealism 16 (1987) 149-167 [online]; available at <> [accessed 26 June 2013].
  • Dawn Ades
    'Marcel Duchamp and the Paradox of Modernity', in Proceedings of the British Academy 90 (1996) 129-145. The work of Marcel Duchamp represents a kind of questioning or resistance to modernism in art, particularly in regard to the relationship between art and technology. Duchamp's ambiguous relationship to cubism shows his skepticism about "the superstition of the new" and the idea of progress away from ideas of linear perspective. His later work, after he had given up painting as such, seeks to establish a relationship between art and manufacture which harks back to the age of craftsmanship, before mechanical reproduction transformed the status of the work of art.
  • Jacques Caumont et Jennifer Cough-Cooper
    'Ephemerides on or about Marcel Duchamp and Rrose Sélavy : 1887-1968', in Marcel Duchamp (Thames and Hudson : London 1993).
  • William Clark
    'Katherine Dreier and the Société Anonyme', in Variant issue 14 (Winter 2001) 4-7 [online]; available at <> [accessed 26 June 2013].
  • Marc Décimo
    'A Sentimental Conversation: Marcel Duchamp and Lydie Sarazin-Levassor', and the first chapter in Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor, A Marriage in Check – The Heart of the Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor, Even (Marcel Duchamp and Lydie Fischer Sarazin-Levassor) / ed. by Marc Décimo (Les Presses du Réel : Dijon 2007) 7-58 [online]; available at <> [accessed 26 June 2013].
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  • Séverine Gossart
    'Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray', translated from the French text, published in the catalogue Dada (Editions du Centre Pompidou : Paris 2005) 388-389. The translation was part of the Press Kit, published by MNAM Centre Pompidou 2005, p. 55-56 [Press Kit. MNAM Centre Pompidou].
  • Linda D. Henderson
    'Marcel Duchamp's The King and Queen Surrounded by Swift Nudes (1912) and the Invisible World of Electrons', in ebr - Science, Technology & the Arts. Weber Studies. An interdisciplinary humanities journal 14, no. 1 (Winter 1997) [online]; available at <> [accessed 26 June 2013].
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    'Marcel Duchamp and André Breton', in Anne d'Harnoncourt and Kynaston McShine (eds.), Marcel Duchamp (Museum of Modern Art etc. : New York etc. 1989) 135-141.
  • Kieran Lyons
    'Military Avoidance. Marcel Duchamp and the '"Jura-Paris Road"', in Tate Papers (Spring 2006)[online]; available at <> [accessed 26 June 2013].
  • Helen Molesworth
    'Work avoidance. The everyday life of Marcel Duchamp's readymades', in Art Journal (Winter 1998) [Dada Archive].
  • Marjorie Perloff
    '"But isn’t the same at least the same?" : Translatability in Wittgenstein, Duchamp, and Jacques Roubaud', in Jacket issue 14 (July 2001) [online]; available at <> [accessed 26 June 2013].
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  • Jay D. Russell
    'Marcel Duchamp's Readymades. Walking on Infrathin Ice', in Contrapposto 12 (1997). Special Issue 'Crossing Boundaries/Beyond the Object'.
  • Michel Sanouillet
    'Marcel Duchamp and the French intellectual tradition', in Anne d’Harnoncourt and Kynaston McShine (eds.), Marcel Duchamp (Museum of Modern Art etc. : New York etc. 1973; repr. 1989) 47-55.
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