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  • Hans Richter, Archiv und Bibliothek
    Material for the Dada publications; correspondence with museums, filmcompanies, with Marthe Prévot and Werner Schmalenbach, publishers (DuMont, Editions du Griffon, Thames and Hudson a.o.); correspondence between Frida Richter, Roberto Sanesi and Werner Haftmann; biographical documents, manuscripts; private photographs, clippings (1947-1984), invitations, documentation. More information (in German).
  • Arnold Eagle Papers and Films related to Hans Richter
    This collection documents the film collaborations and friendship of Hans Richter, and New York photographer and cinematographer, Arnold Eagle. It includes color film footage, out-takes and audiotracks for several of Richter's post-World War II films, as well as letters, notes, scripts, sketches, photographs, printed material and storyboards.
  • Richard Huelsenbeck Papers
    Papers of Richard Huelsenbeck, who edited several of Dada's important journals. The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, some photographs, clippings and catalogues.
    • [archive] The Papers contain a file of ca. 65 letters written to Huelsenbeck from Hans Richter that date from 1947 and 1952-1962 and contain discussions of current work and reputations, as well as recountings of pre-war Dada activities. The Richter file includes exhibition catalogues and Richter's script for Narcissus.
    • [finding aid] Inventory of the Richard Huelsenbeck Papers, 1910-1978 / prepared by Teresa Morales (Getty Research Institute 1996, revised 2004).
  • Yves Poupard-Lieussou Correspondence and Collected Papers on Dada and Surrealism
    French scholar of Dada and surrealism, and vice president of the Association pour l'Étude de Dada et du Surréalisme. Collection consists of correspondence received by Poupard-Lieussou from artists, writers, publishers, critics, and scholars, mainly 1956-1979. Includes bio-bibliographic notes, drawings, photographs, printed materials, and manuscripts (some unpublished or rare texts) given to Poupard by his correspondents or sometimes hand-copied by himself.
    • [archive] Series I. Letters from artists and writers, 1912-1984 contains a.o. 20 letters and 2 cards (1956-1971). This correspondence gives a glimpse of Richter as both a practicing artist and an interpreter of Dada. In the first few letters, he answers Poupard's questions about Dada and its surviving members, particularly Schwitters. Richter discusses the film, 8 x 8 , that he is currently making. In later letters, he discusses the Dada exhibition that traveled to Zurich and Paris. He feels that, as a member of the original group, he, and not some scholar, should be in control of it. Richter also collaborates on the portfolio in homage to Duchamp, organized by Poupard in 1968.
    • [finding aid] Inventory of the Yves Poupard-Lieussou Correspondence and Collected Papers on Dada and Surrealism, 1905-1984 (bulk, 1956-1979) / prepared by Lesley Heins Walker and Onica Busuioceanu (Getty Research Institute 1999).
  • Franz Roh Papers, 1890-1965
    German art historian and pioneer critic of 20th century avant-garde, who took an interest in the study and development of photography as an art form. In addition, he served as faculty at a number of institutions, including the University of Munich. Roh studied and lived primarily in Munich.
    • [archive] Organized in four series: Series I. Correspondence; Series II. Raoul Hausmann letters and writing; Series III. J.A. Baader letters and writing; Series IV. War diary and ephemera. Series II and III contain significant manuscript material. A long series of letters from Raoul Hausmann, most dating from 1946-1965, appears with a number of Hausmann's typescript essays and narratives, dating from 1921. Hausmann was closely associated with J.A. Baader's affairs during Baader's madness, and a number of Baader's writings and meditations are included in a separate file, most dated 1946.
    • [finding aid] Inventory Franz Roh Papers / created by Carl Wuellner (Getty Research Institute).
  • The International Dada Archive has extensive holdings of works by and about Richter. The Archive has microfilmed most of the Hans Richter Archive at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
  • Hans Richter Papers
    The Museum of Modern Art houses the Hans Richter Papers, 1929-1974. The bulk of the Archive was donated to the Museum Library by Hans Richter in 1969 with additional material given by Mrs. Richter in 1977 and 1978.
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    banner: Hans Richter in Hoppengarten Military Hospital (detail), 1916 [Collection of Marion von Hofacker]