DADA & Modernist Magazines



  • Little Magazines & Modernism. A Select Bibliography. The site is maintained by Suzanne W. Churchill, Associate Professor of English, and hosted by Davidson College.
  • Little Magazines & Modernism: new approaches / ed. by Suzanne W. Churchill and Adam McKible (Ashgate Publishing : Aldershot 2007). This volume includes an extensive bibliography of print resources on little magazines.
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  • Emily Hage
    New York and European Dada Art Journals, 1916-1926. International Venues of Exchange (University of Pennsylvania 2005).
    [abstract] Dada art journals constitute a central but neglected part of the Dadaists' creative expression. Artists have recognized the journal medium as a means of promoting their ideas since the middle of the nineteenth century, but the Dadaists were the first to engage it as a performative venue. They did so first by manipulating the conventions of their chosen medium, making their journals primary sites of activity and interaction, and second by using the journals to enact an international, multi-centered network of exchange, thus engendering the Dada movement's unique diversity. Examining journals produced in New York in dialogue with those from European cities, this dissertation describes their significant contributions to American art and to the Dada movement as a whole. The Dadaists recognized the promise of the journal medium as an alternative site for exchanging inventive and subversive ideas and as an artistic medium challenging fundamental assumptions of originality, media, and the framing of the history of art. They manipulated the conventions of display in their journals, and this experimentation directly influenced their exhibitions. Detailing each particular derivation of the Dada movement and describing its simultaneous development in many cities, the journals reflect the international network of exchange among its disparate centers and offer a way to examine the movement as a whole. These provocative publications offer a revised understanding of Dada collages, paintings, and drawings by calling attention to the venues in which they were first displayed. This dissertation expands the scope of Dada beyond Zurich, New York, Paris, and Berlin by integrating cities not usually associated with Dada, including Zagreb, Rome, and Bucharest. It highlights writers such as Tristan Tzara and Richard Huelsenbeck, and American artists, including Clara Tice, Louis Eilshemius, and Agnes Ernst Meyer, who are typically overlooked in accounts focusing on Dada paintings and sculptures. Anchored in extensive archival research and close visual analysis, it contributes to the lively discourse currently surrounding Dada and calls attention to the importance of the journal medium throughout the history of art [Proquest Dissertations and Theses].
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articles, essays and papers

  • Art and Journals on the Political Front, 1910-1940 / ed. by Virginia Hagelstein Marquardt (University Press of Florida 1997). Reviewed by Victoria Richter for The Slavic and East European Journal 45, No. 1 (Spring, 2001) 145-146.
    [abstract] The period just before World War I through the beginnings of World War II was one of the most explosive in history - and art was at war as well. Art and Journals on the Political Front 1920-1940, a collection of essays and artwork, shows the many faces of that parallel war, the war of images, from the United States's and Mexico's graphic leftists to the propagandist art that promoted communism and fascism in Russia, Italy, and Germany. The essay 'Picture as Weapon in the German Mass Media, 1914-1930' both explains and depicts the passionate socialist attack on the bourgeois and the satirizing of political figures such as Kaiser Wilhelm and Trotsky, among other media weapons. ' Political Practice and the Arts in Spain' catalogs the major political shifts that occurred leading up to the Spanish Civil War, including the verbal and visual rhetoric - often directed toward the illiterate Spanish working class - between rightist magazine Arriba and leftists Octubre and Nueva Cultura.
  • Jane Beckett
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    'Der deutschsprachige Anarchismus und seine Presse. Ein Forschungsbericht'. First published in Archiv für die Geschichte des Widerstandes und der Arbeit Nr. 12 (1992) 177-190. Here slightly changed [online]; available at <> [accessed 2 August 2012].
  • Timothy Shipe
    'Dada Periodicals at Iowa', in Books at Iowa No. 46 (April 1987) [online]; available at <> [accessed 2 August 2012].

digital and print collections

  • Blue Mountain Project.
    The Blue Mountain Project, Princeton University, is the common work of scholars, librarians, curators, and digital humanities researchers whose mission is to create a freely available, trusted digital repository of important, rare, and fragile texts that both chronicle and embody the emergence of cultural modernity in the West.
  • Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues ARCA
    Catalan art, language, society and culture. Complete collections of old serials which are no longer published. It is a collaborative repository of digital preservation promoted by the Biblioteca de Catalunya with the support of the Consorci de Biblioteques Universitàries de Catalunya (CBUC).
  • CIRCE Catalogo Informatico Riviste Culturali Europee
    CIRCE aims at converting into digital format the pages of the most important European (mainly Italian) cultural periodicals produced throughout the XXth century. Part of the project is the Digital Library delle riviste futuriste, the Digital library for Italian futurist journals. Until today 11 journals are online available: Poesia (1905-1909), Quartiere latino (1913), Lacerba (1913-1915), Vela latina: pagine futuriste (1913-1918), La balza futurista (1915), Noi (1917-1920; 1923-1925), Dinamo (1919), Futurismo (1932-1933; 1934), Artecrazia (1932; 1933; 1934-1939), Dinamo futurista (1933), and Sant'Elia (1933-1934).
  • Digital Dada Library
    The Digital Dada Library provides links to scanned images of original Dada-era publication in the International Dada Archive. These books, pamphlets, and periodicals are housed in the Special Collections Department of The University of Iowa Libraries. The Digital Library is divided into two sections. The first section includes some of the major periodicals of the Dada movement from Zurich, Berlin, Paris, and elsewhere. In many cases, these are not complete runs of the periodicals.
  • Monoskop
    Monoskop is a wiki for collaborative studies of the arts, media and humanities.
  • Modernist Magazines Project
    The project aims to document and analyse the role of both fugitive and more established magazines and to consider their contribution to the construction of modernism in Britain, Europe and North America. It will result in a 3 volume Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines, an Anthology and online resource, comprising an index of magazines, and sample issues of many magazines.
  • The Modernist Journals Project
    The MJP made 27 journals online available amongst others: Blast, The Blue Review, Coterie Dana, The English Review, The New Age, The Owl, Le Petit Journal des Réfusées and Wheels.