The International Online Bibliography of Dada is the online catalog of the International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa Libraries. The catalog includes materials in all formats that have been cataloged for the collection, including books, essays in books, periodical articles, manuscripts, sound and videorecordings, and other media related to the Dada movement and to the individual dadaists. These materials are located throughout the University of Iowa Libraries, but are primarily housed in the Main Library and the Art Library. Most of the manuscript holdings are on microfilms that were made in various public and private collections in Europe and North America in the early 1980s, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Jerome Foundation.

From 1971 onwards, the International Dada Archive, University of Iowa Libraries, publishes the interdisciplinary journal Dada/Surrealism. Between 1971 and 1984 the journal published a series of bibliograhies:

  • Virginia A. La Charite, 'Dada-Surrealism Bibliography, 1969-1970 : A Bibliography of Books, Articles, and Reviews Published in North America', in Dada/Surrealism 1 (1971) 27-30.
  • Manuel L. Grossman and Michael O'Neill, 'A Selected Bibliography of Works on Dada/Surrealism Published in North America: 1969-1972', in Dada/Surrealism 2 (1972) 81-84.
  • Manuel L. Grossman and Gail Levine, 'A Selected Bibliography of Works on Dada/Surrealism Published in North America: 1972', in Dada/Surrealism 3 (1973) 81-84.
  • Rudolf E. Kuenzli, 'Dada Bibliography: 1973-1978', in Dada/Surrealism 10/11 (1982) 161-201.
  • Rudolf E. Kuenzli, 'Bibliography on Dada, 1978-1983', in Dada/Surrealism 13 (1984) 129-164.

Jörgen Schäfer
Exquisite Dada : a comprehensive bibliography. Crisis and the Arts : The History of Dada, vol. 10 (G.K. Hall : Farmington Hills, MI 2005) 704 p.
Despite the short life of the Dada movement, it has provoked the interest of art historians, museum directors and literary critics from all over the world. The present volume comprises the literary texts of individual Dadaists and periodicals from all Dada centers as well as books, articles, exhibition catalogs and bibliographies by international scholars. Jörgen Schäfer's Exquisite Dada is the most exhaustive bibliography on Dada that has ever been compiled so far. By giving a synopsis of some decades of scholarly research, it provides an indispensable source for further studies on the matter.

Timothy Shipe, 'A Decade of Dada Scholarship: publications on Dada, 1994-2005', in Dada Culture : Critical Texts on the Avant-Garde / ed. by Dafydd Jones. Avant-Garde Critical Studies 18 (Editions Rodopi : Amsterdam 2006) 287-321.


Jörgen Schäfer and Angela Merte (Hrsg.)
Dada in Köln. Ein Repertorium. Bibliographien zur Literatur- und Mediengeschichte, 4 (Peter Lang : Frankfurt am Main etc. 1995). Reviewed by Richard Sheppard for Journal of European Studies 25 (September 1995) 3, 332.


Dadart publishes on its website the complete bibliography in French of Dada à Paris (Flammarion 1993), compiled by Michel Sanouillet. Readers wishing a recent augmented bibliography in English can consult the bibliographic section of Dada in Paris (MIT Press 2009) 625-688, updated by Anne Sanouillet.

new york

Rudolf E. Kuenzli and Timothy Shipe, 'New York Dada: Bibliography', in Dada/Surrealism 14 (1985) 164-193.


banner: (detail) Raoul Hausmann, 'Mechanischer Kopf' (Der Geist unserer Zeit), 1920 [Collection Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris].