• The International Online Bibliography of Dada is the online catalog of the International Dada Archive at the University of Iowa Libraries. The catalog includes materials in all formats that have been cataloged for the collection, including books, essays in books, periodical articles, manuscripts, sound and videorecordings, and other media related to the Dada movement and to the individual dadaists. These materials are located throughout the University of Iowa Libraries, but are primarily housed in the Main Library and the Art Library. Most of the manuscript holdings are on microfilms that were made in various public and private collections in Europe and North America in the early 1980s, with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Jerome Foundation.
  • Ernst Teubner
    Hugo Ball. Eine Bibliographie / Ernst Teubner. Bibliographische Hefte 1 (Hase & Koehler : Mainz 1992). This bibliography is also the catalogue of the Hugo-Ball-Sammlung, housed at the Stadtbücherei Pirmasens. Additions to this bibliography were published in the Hugo Ball-Almanach:
    • 1991-1993: 17 (1993) 161-187
    • 1993-1996: 20 (1996) 187-241
    • 1996-2003: 26/27 (2002/3) 121-208
    • 2003-2006: 30 (2006) 121-210
  • Literaturliste Hugo Ball (Stand: 26. September 2011). The Pfälzische Landesbibliothek presents a list of publications by and on Hugo Ball. The list can be downloaded here.
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  • Hugo Ball : Schriften zum Theater, zur Kunst und Philosophie (1909-1926) and Schriften zur Geschichte und Politik (1914-1920). Online texts.
  • Richard Sheppard
    'Sixteen forgotten Items by Hugo Ball from the Pre-Dada Years', in German Life and Letters 29 (July 1976) 362-369.
  • 1914-1920
  • Tenderenda der Phantast (Zürich 1967). The text was written in the years 1914-1920 [online] (unknown); available at <,+Hugo/Romane/Tenderenda+der+Phantast> [accessed 20 June 2011].
  • 1915
  • [with Richard Huelsenbeck]
    Ein literarisches Manifest. Berlin February 12, 1915.
  • 'Zürich', in Die weissen Blätter Heft 7 (Leipzig, July 1915) 937-939.
  • 1916
  • 'Cabaret Voltaire', in Cabaret Voltaire (June 1916). Translated in English by Christina Mills, in The Dada reader. A critical anthology / edited by Dawn Ades (Tate Publishing : London 2006) 20-21. An online version is available on the website of UbuWeb Sound.
  • Eröffnungs-Manifest, 1. Dada-Abend, read at the first Dada-soirée, Zunfthaus zur Waag, Zürich, 14. Juli 1916.
    Dada in Zürich, no. 118
  • 1917
  • Kandinsky [Lecture at the Galerie Dada, Zürich], in 'Hugo Balls Vortrag über Wassily Kandinsky in der Galerie Dada in Zürich am 7.4.1917' / Andeheinz Mößer, published in Deutsche Vierteljahresschrift für Literatur- und Geistesgeschichte 51 (December 1977) Nr. 4, 676-704.
  • 'Einleitung', in Almanach der Freien Zeitung 1917-1918 (April 1917) vii-xiv.
  • 1919
  • Zur Kritik der deutschen Intelligenz (Der Freie Verlag : Berlin 1919). Reprinted in Hugo Ball. Sämtliche Werke und Briefe, Band 5 [online source: Digital Dada Library].
    Dada in Zürich, no. 71
  • 1927
  • Die Flucht aus der Zeit. Fuga Saeculi (Verlag Duncker & Humblot : München 1927). A second edition was published in 1931 by J. Kosel & F. Pustet, München (preface by Herman Hesse) and a third edition in 1946 by Josef Stockner in Luzern (with a text by Emmy Ball-Hennings). The English translation, Flight out of time. A Dada diary was published in 1974 by Viking Press, New York.
    Dada in Zürich, no. 72
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