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  • Baader's unpublished letters and manuscripts are preserved at the main repositories of his papers: the Berlinische Galerie, Getty Research Institute, and Schiller-Nationalmuseum / Deutsches Literaturarchiv. Many are also located in the widespread archives of their recipients.
  • Johannes Baader
    • Baader's correspondence (1922-1923) in the Archiv der deutsche Jugendbewegung [= German Youth Movement], Burg Ludwigstein.
    • [publication] Winfried Mogge, 'Oberdada und Wandervögel. Johannes Baader, Burg Ludwigstein und die Jugendbewegung 1922/23', in Jahrbuch des Archivs der Deutschen Jugendbewegung 18 (1999): 233-316.
  • Johannes Baader
    No further information online.
  • Hannah Höch Archiv
    After the artist’s death, the Berlinische Galerie was able to acquire her extensive archive. During recent years it has been augmented by several donations from the artist’s heirs. The Hannah Höch Archive contains works of art, biographical material, her album, manuscripts, photographs, books, magazines, posters, programmes, invitation cards, exhibition documents, the artist’s extensive correspondence, and also texts and manuscripts by third parties.
    • [website] Estate of Hannah Höch (1889-1978)
    • [publication] The Hannah Höch Archive has been published in a six-part edition by the Berlinische Galerie entitled Hannah Höch. Eine Lebenscollage / Dokumente und Materialien aus dem Nachlaß der Künstlerin, bearbeitet von Cornelia Thater-Schulz, et al. Archiv-Edition, Band 1/1-3/2: 1889-1978 (Argon Verlag : Berlin 1989-2001): 6 vols.
  • Raoul Hausmann Archiv
    When Hausmann emigrated to France in 1933, his extensive archive remained in Berlin in the possession of his wife Elfriede Hausmann-Schaeffer and their daughter Vera. The archive, which now belongs to the Berlinische Galerie, contains letters, texts, photographs and works of art by the 'Dadasoph', as well as numerous documents from the Dada period (manuscripts, photographs).
    • [website] Collection DADA and Estate Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971)
    • [finding aid] Eva Züchner, Wolfgang Erler, e.a., 'Bestandsverzeichnis', in Eva Züchner (Hrsg.), Scharfrichter der bürgerliche Seele. Raoul Hausmann in Berlin, 1900-1930 (Hatje : Ostfildern 1995): 450-503.
  • Tristan Tzara Papers
    The Bibliothèque Littéraire Jacques Doucet in Paris is a patrimonial research library created by the great fashion designer, collector and patron Jacques Doucet (1853-1929). It is one of the richest literary libraries in the world concerning the second half of the 19th century and the whole of the twentieth century. The Library houses important archives concerning 20th-century French literature: Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Apollinaire, Reverdy, Cendrars, Tzara, Breton and most of the surrealists. The collections include printed materials, manuscripts, and correspondence.
  • Johannes Baader Papers, ca. 1906-1952
    Besides this archive, the Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, houses some relevant collections, especially for the later period. The Franz Roh Papers, 1911-1965 contain writings on art by Baader, letters from him to Roh, and a handwritten, manuscript draft copy of Baader's Der Stern Erde (1946). The Yves Poupard-Lieussou Correspondence contains mainly letters to Raoul Hausmann, but includes some relevant items on Baader.
    • [archive] Collection includes: Nine letters to Eberhard Buchner dated 1909-1928, which include mention of Dada soirees; two letters, 1921, to the president of the German parliament asking for the opportunity to defend himself in front of this body against accusations brought forth in a trial against the Dada movement and Baader as its "Oberdada"; a copy of a letter of protest, 1921, concerning the banning of a lecture by Baader in Dresden; a letter, 1945 April 28, to an unknown correspondent mentioning secret meetings and listing the chapter titles of Mittgarts Neubau; circulars and memoranda from ca. 1909-1952, primarily concerning the Berlin Dada, many on 'Club Dada' stationary; clippings from German newspapers and other printed ephemera and photographs, 1906-1923, relating both to Baader’s involvement in Berlin Dada and to his work as an architect, specifically with Die Werkstätten für Friedhofskunst, with various designs for monuments. Collection also includes a file of manuscript writings (partially incomplete) including Das Spiel der Völker (1916), 43 p.; Kleine Auswahl für Schulbücher (1928) and a collection of poems. With a preliminary draft and the final annotated draft of Eberhard Buchner’s psychiatric study of Baader, 1909, entitled "Ein Fall von religiöser Wahnbildung".
  • Franz Roh Papers, 1890-1965
    German art historian and pioneer critic of 20th century avant-garde, who took an interest in the study and development of photography as an art form. In addition, he served as faculty at a number of institutions, including the University of Munich. Roh studied and lived primarily in Munich.
    • [archive] Organized in four series: Series I. Correspondence; Series II. Raoul Hausmann letters and writing; Series III. J.A. Baader letters and writing; Series IV. War diary and ephemera. Series II and III contain significant manuscript material. A long series of letters from Raoul Hausmann, most dating from 1946-1965, appears with a number of Hausmann's typescript essays and narratives, dating from 1921. Hausmann was closely associated with J.A. Baader's affairs during Baader's madness, and a number of Baader's writings and meditations are included in a separate file, most dated 1946.
    • [finding aid] Inventory Franz Roh Papers.
  • I.B. Neumann Papers, 1914-1963
    Israel Ben Neumann was born in Austria in 1887. In 1910, he opened his first book and art store in Berlin. By 1922, branches were opened in Bremen, Düsseldorf, and Munich. Neumann moved to New York City in 1923; a year later he would open a gallery, first called J.B. Neumann's Print Room and later the New Art Circle Gallery, which was also known as a meeting spot for artists and art lovers. Neumann died in Rye, New York on April 28, 1961.
    • [archive] The Papers date from 1914-1963, and are contained in nine document boxes, one archives storage box and three reels of microfilm. Materials include correspondence to and from Neumann, unpublished manuscripts, photographs of works of art, and publications issued by Neumann.
      See Library for related published material; and Archives of American Art, Washington DC, for additional Neumann Papers.
    • [finding aid] J.B. Neumann Papers in The Museum of Modern Art Archives / finding aid prep. by Claire Dienes and Jeremy Melius (2002).
  • Bernd Baader, Stuttgart
  • Peter Baader, Hamburg
  • Andrei B. Nakov, Paris
  • Karl Riha, Siegen
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